Professional VRF Maintenance and Servicing in Bangladesh

Origin of VRF System

One of the most common HVAC systems, Variable refrigerant flow (VRF), also known as variable refrigerant volume (VRV) was invented by Daikin in 1982. Among the two different types of VRF systems, a Heat Pump System is used in applications that require heating or cooling but not simultaneously and Heat Recovery Systems are used to fulfill both simultaneous heating and cooling. 

Applications of VRF System 

Based on requirements and additional tweakings enable VRF systems to be implemented widely in hotels, dormitories, hospitals, office buildings, and apartment buildings that run on partial load. It is also important to note that VRF systems are not suitable for buildings that require a full load supply 24/7 throughout the year. 

Nonetheless, crucial advantages like adaptive design, improved reliability, reduced noise levels, precise yet easy room temperature control, and most importantly higher energy efficiency established VRF Air Conditioning Systems as one of the most popular HVAC choices for large commercial buildings running on partial load. 

Let’s Begin the Maintenance & Servicing Talks for VRF Systems

How often one should arrange inspection for VRF Servicing?

Conducting regular maintenance with a time range of six-month or one-year intervals depending on the system’s complexity has the capability to increase system efficiency while lowering the risks of sudden failure.

VRF Servicing and Energy Efficiency 

VRF system has been considered an economic air conditioning system for large commercial buildings. Several studies showed that the VRF system is found to have 44% cost profitable compared with the conventional HVAC System as an air-cooled chiller. 

Besides accurate load calculations, and proper installation practices, commissioning, and testing;  Regular Inspection, Preventive Maintenance Operation, and Annual Servicing are key concepts making VRF systems live up to the technology’s reputation for reliable performance and energy efficiency.

VRF maintenance and servicing in Bangladesh

Thus, the fundamental goal of VRF servicing and maintenance is to save extra throughout a longer lifespan and pay the extra up-front installation cost. 

What is the difference between VRF Servicing & VRF commissioning? 

VRF Servicing: VRF Servicing refers to troubleshooting problems or even conducting a regular cleaning service.

Common Maintenance Issues for VRF System Servicing

Maintenance of VRV (VRF) systems is a critical job that requires a range of different measures to be carried out to identify different problems. For example,

Dirty or Clogged Filter: Not cleaning the filter on a regular basis generates odor, reduced efficiency, and health risks for the living being inside a surrounding environment.  

Refrigerant Leak: A VRF system that has a refrigerant leak is a serious concern that can pose a danger to the health and safety of room occupants. There is a high possibility of releasing refrigerant charge into a particular room due to the refrigerant leak. Mostly, improper maintenance, inadvertent damage, or mechanical wear can cause leaks in a VRF or VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume, invented by Daikin) type ac system over time. 

Improper installation: Improper installation of VRF or VRV systems arises when installation guidelines of a particular VRF brand and details of manufacturer installation guides aren’t adhered to. For example, manufacturers suggest Pressure testing to complete a proper installation that will not result in problems like a refrigerant leak. 

System Failure (Electrical or Mechanical): Global brands like Midea or LG have built-in trouble analysis functions that display the error code in the indoor PCB and outdoor display board. VRF maintenance experts are quite familiar with these codes to troubleshoot any electrical system failure issues in case of VRF servicing

Compressor Failure: As our experts have already mentioned, VRF systems are not suitable for 24/7 full load running facilities, because that is something that can end up in a badly damaged compressor. 

These are the established issues that our technicians often face while inspecting VRF in commercials or industrial building HVAC systems. But depending on the type of application and usage procedure, other problems may occur. 

To consult any VRF issues, our Largest HVAC-R Technicians are just one call away.

Professional VRF Maintenance & Servicing in Bangladesh 

Regular professional VRF Maintenance & Servicing in Bangladesh is crucial to attaining clean air or avoiding problems like failed compressors. The hot & humid unpredictable weather of Bangladesh creates moisture surrounding VRF outdoor and indoor ductwork. 

A professional VRF maintenance expert’s job is to identify problems in components and performance abnormalities. Catching these problems early prevents further damage to the unit and unnecessary operating expenses through replacement and repair. It means that only specialists with great working experience must implement maintenance of VRF and VRV systems.

From R4S, we offer professional VRF maintenance & servicing in Bangladesh with our largest HVAC-R technician team. Ranging from regular inspection to contractual maintenance, emergency inspection, and spare parts supply of any VRF brands, R4S Technical Solutions Limited is the One-Stop VRF Servicing Company in Bangladesh.

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