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R4S stands for Request for Service, is a maintenance servicing company, prominent for sophisticated VRF maintenance service and spare parts supply. R4S is a one-stop solution for all of your VRF AC maintenance and spare parts services. We are one of the most renowned maintenance servicing names in the technical HVAC solution industry.

We offer installation & repair for a wide range of air conditioning systems for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. Our most experienced vrf servicing company aims to provide clients to obtain a full range of expert HVAC services under one roof.

To avoid downtime, R4S provides the finest quality VRF spare parts which will help you save from severe system failure, decreasing operating costs, and increasing efficiency.

Bearing all of this in mind, ‘R4S’ has begun its path to attain the highest level by providing the finest grade of VRF AC Maintenance Servicing including VRF Installation & Repair services with the most experienced technicians.


A professional maintenance service for VRFs is required on a regular basis. VRF system’s lifespan decreases under certain conditions like a refrigerant leak, clogged filter, dirty fins, and much more. If not properly maintained, the efficiency of individual VRF units drops, resulting in higher operational costs and decreased lifespan.


Regular VRF inspection service aids in the prevention of unexpected system downtime or equipment failure. Timely scheduled VRF maintenance increases cooling capacity and extends the equipment’s lifespan, even avoids emergency major maintenance operations, eventually reducing financial expenses.

If you want to find the best way to take care of the VRF or VRV air conditioner system, the R4S expert team will help you understand the distinctions between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting these regions initially

Our cleaning and sanitizing services for commercial VRF HVAC systems will protect your business and make the air better for your clients and employees. Besides providing services to commercials, we highly recommend carrying out VRF duct cleaning and sanitation in places like laboratories, baby food production, hospitals, pharmaceutical production facilities, or any other place where hygiene matters.

In order to clean and sanitize the duct, R4S actively ensures its cleaning process with chemicals that are FDA certified. Hence if you are concerned about your VRF system at your residence, laboratory, corporate office, or any industrial facilities, you may want to consider our VRF maintenance solution as an extra precautionary measure.

VRF/VRV Air Conditioner Spare Parts Supplier

R4S offers VRF/VRV spare parts that are tailored to your air conditioner’s needs. You may obtain components from the country’sfinest company that are specific to your air conditioner’s requirements that you can take a look on this site and ask for installations.

With these VRF/VRV spare parts by R4S, you can be assured that your air conditioner will stay in an excellent form. Clients review of R4S states that it is a good place to start looking for trustworthy and authentic VRF/VRV spare parts.

Why Choose R4S?

R4S experts will not only do quality maintenance, they will additionally provide all required knowledge about how to operate a VRF/VRV air conditioning system. Expertise of R4S will identify and eradicate all defects as soon as they arise, allowing you to prevent a costly repair.

Followings are some fruitful reasons that whyshould you choose R4S:

R4S identify issues in your VRF/VRV air conditioners and deliver repair and usage in a timely manner as part of our VRF/VRV air conditioner maintenance.

R4S technical solutions employs innovative technologies that allows them to respond quickly to clients’ required services, concerns and inquiries.

We provide distinct solutions for you by doing services at your location with our professional manpower.

R4S has put together a team of capable and mechanically skilled applicants that can provide top-notch maintenance services.

We continue to meet your VRF/VRV system services and spare parts needs throughout Bangladesh with our VRF/VRV air conditioning service, expert technicians, technological possibilities, application in international standards, and sensitive perspective.

We have demonstrated our worth on a number of large-scale, successful HVAC projects.

Our employees are trained to communicate in a competent and courteous manner, and as a result you may freely discuss your problems with us.

R4S Technical Solutions Ltd is currently the leading HVAC maintenance service company which is also a sister concern of Tritech. Hence, to get your finest VRF/VRV air conditioner maintenance and spare parts services, feel free to contact at R4S instantly.

We're aiming to provide our clients withthe best service!