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About Maintenance Contract

Maintaining a check on the condition of your HVAC system provides you piece of mind, and R4S prioritizes servicing for HVAC service contract holders. HVAC service contracts relate to routine maintenance that should be performed twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

This will enable our professional HVAC expert to examine, fix, and maintain your air conditioning and heating system before it reaches its breaking point. R4S is a one-stop solution for all of your air conditioner maintenance that offers you with various maintenance contract facility.

Maintenance contracts of HVAC system are generally signed up in advance. At the moment of signing for contract, our team will add you to our scheduling system. This implies that when it is time to service your equipment, we will call you. It is like having your HVAC system’s upkeep on autopilot mood.

Why Should You Do Maintenance Contract?

A maintenance contract may also be referred to as a maintenance agreement or a maintenance program, depending on the specific language. It is one thing to believe in the need of air conditioning maintenance. It’s another thing entirely to stick to a regular maintenance routine.

Based on our contract, we will notify you when it is time for a maintenance visit once or twice a year. When it’s time to plan our next visit, we call our maintenance plan clients.

The maintenance contract of R4S depends of the type of customer you are. R4S provide two types of contracts signed for commercial customer. One is Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and another one is Case to Case services.

We have several registered customers who enjoys the benefits of convenient service charge along with several other benefits. The price rate of our service charge varies in terms of our maintenance contracts.

The key to reaping the full advantages of our well-maintained air conditioner is to stick to a regular tuneup program that R4S highly recommend. The vital to reaping the full advantages of a well-maintained air conditioner is to stick to a periodic tune-up program.

Why Choose R4S?

Routine HVAC maintenance, as we all know, is vital to a system’s lifetime and functionality. As a result, we hope you’ll think about signing up for our maintenance service contract. Allow us to serve as your own comfort concierge, making it simple to keep your HVAC system in good working order.

Followings are some fruitful reasons that why should you choose R4S for the maintenance contract of your HVAC system:

R4S is pretty pleased with the maintenance service contract we provide which assures that your HVAC system doesn't break down when you need it the most.

We also offer certain benefits with our maintenance contract, for instance, service charge varies if you are Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) member or Case to Case services member.

R4S efficiently manage consumer inquiries using a real-time online management platform through which you can make a schedule for the maintenance.

With a maintenance contract you will be our first priority and receive instant response.

R4S has gathered a team of experienced and mechanically soundmanpower that can provide top-notch maintenance services.

We have accomplished various large fruitful project and have made the fame.

While delivering services, our employees are well-trained to communicate in a competent and courteous manner which makes the entire maintenance process more efficient.

R4S Technical Solutions Ltd is currently the leading HVAC maintenance service company which is also a sister concern of Tritech. Hence, to get your finest VRF/VRV air conditioner maintenance and spare parts services, feel free to contact at R4S instantly.

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