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About Heat Exchanger& Anti Corrosion Treatment

The importance of HVAC systems for corrosive environments cannot be overstated. We all understand that when it comes to purchasing chillers, air conditioners or equipment in particular for an HVAC installation, energy efficacy and dependability are critical considerations.

However, the geographical context might be just as essential.All installations along the seacoast, factories, steel mill, laboratory or any other environments where units are exposed to humidity, salt, and other corrosive substances in the environment, require special protection.

Hence, considering all this in mind, R4S is here to provide heat exchanger anti corrosion treatment, along with setup, replacement parts, and maintenance solutions for a variety of air conditioning systems that are used in residential, industrial, and commercial settings.

R4S acknowledges the fact that consumers may be able to acquire a comprehensive variety of skilled HVAC services from a single source.

Why Should You Do Heat Exchanger and Anti Corrosion Treatment?

Corrosion is a common reason of breakdown in HVAC systems that are exposed to extremely corrosive external conditions. Corrosion can be caused by a number of pollutants released by saline coastal settings, massive manufacturing plants such as mills, heavy industrial manufacturing zones, vehicle emissions, and power generation sites.

Heat Exchanger by R4S

Heat exchangers and condenser coils can get corroded and collapse quickly. As a result, R4S believe that shielding from hostile elements is essential to maintain the HVAC equipment’s longevity and dependability in certain settings and we are here to deliver out most services so that your heat exchanger works efficiently.

Expert team of R4S handles the issue with a variety of solutions that provide optimum safety as well as unit longevity and dependability.

Anti-Corrosion Treatment by R4S

R4S, in particular, provides distinct degrees of corrosion prevention.Blue-coat and Alucoat provide effective corrosion protection in slightly corrosive conditions, and we use them on aluminum microchannel condenser coils and copper-aluminum condenser coils, respectively.

E-coating and Blygold treatment (BlygoldPoluAl XT), both regarded as top-level safeguards, are particularly important solutions for extremely corrosive environments such as coastal locations and large industrial production zones.

While providing the treatment we utilize on aluminum microchannel coils and copper-aluminum coils, accordingly. Later our tech team ensure that the exchanger is totally protected by a homogeneous layer of epoxy polymers all over its exterior, which also has an extra UV top-coating.

In polluted maritime areas and industrial projects, it is a highly beneficial solution for preventing corrosion and providing longevity to unit elements. It is, in fact, a very viable choice for all forces functioning in all the settings mentioned above.

Why Choose R4S?

R4S as the pioneer service-oriented company in the air conditioning and HVAC industries, examines these heat exchanger anti corrosion treatment factors since being able to address them ensures the success of HVAC projects. It entails guaranteeing that customers are satisfied.

R4S provides the most modern anti-corrosion treatments and coating technologies available.

On-site and industrial treatments are included in our service.

It is also suited for any sort of microchannel coil and may be used on any third-party manufacturer's equipment.

Using our unique environmental solution, anti-corrosion treatment standards are implemented specifically for our air-conditioning equipment placed in regions susceptible to diverse salt and chemical-prone corrosive environments

The goal of R4S is to preserve the installed air-conditioning system, eliminate corrosion, and increase the product's longevity.

Our technician will check for components of the heat exchanger showing signs of wear and replacing them before they can degrade further and fail.

R4S has assembled a group of qualified and technically trained candidates that can deliver excellent heat exchanger and anti-corrosion treatment.

A qualified expert may examine your system and look for any fundamental issues that may be affecting performance or efficiency. If you want to know more about heat exchanger anti corrosion treatment, feel free to contact R4S right away.

We're aiming to provide our clients withthe best service!