From a compressor discharge line temperature sensor to the main PCB board, each part in a VRF or VRV system is equally essential to maintaining efficient operation. Regular VRF maintenance or preventive servicing operation often requires spare parts to avoid major malfunctioning within a VRF HVAC system. From R4S, we supply genuine VRF spare parts for any brand. 

Genuine VRF HVAC Spares for Peak Performance

Genuine VRF HVAC system spare parts from R4S keep your equipment running at peak performance throughout its lifetime. With our high-quality, durable VRF HVAC spare parts, you can ensure emergency replacement and extend your equipment’s lifecycle while lowering overall ownership costs. With the industry’s largest and most experienced HVAC maintenance team, R4S offers a prominent fitting and installation service for every commercial and industrial application.

Our Spare Parts Speciality 
  • We supply spares made of quality materials that perform longer under pressure
  • We provide durable, high-quality accessories for VRF to avoid frequent replacement
  • With longer lifespan of our genuine spares, you can now save more on your maintenance cost 
  • We modernize & optimize your frequent replacement parts requirement with our 24/7 technical assistance center team
Which Brands do we provide spare parts and accessories service to?

R4S has strategically allied with the best HVAC ancillary products and service providers within Bangladesh & globally renowned brands. From R4S, we provide VRF spare parts and accessories service to every brand like

  • Midea VRF
  • Carrier VRF
  • Gree VRF
  • Samsung VRF
  • Haier VRF
Frequent VRF Parts requirement
  • Thermistor
  • Washer
  • Closing Nut
  • Motor Clamp
  • Fan Motor
  • Expansion ValveĀ 
  • Oil Separator
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Compressor
  • Temperature Sensor

Like any other electronic machine, VRF air conditioners malfunction depending on the time of operation and the conditions of use. In case of any failure or malfunctioning, our wide range of HVAC services, including genuine spare parts service for any brand VRF system, our experienced technicians provide emergency inspection, or maintenance operation, installation, and repair for HVAC equipment of any brand.

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