About R4S

Bangladesh’s Best HVAC Maintenance Company

R4S’ has started the journey of achieving the highest quality in the HVAC maintenance service and it is now Bangladesh’s No #1 HVAC maintenance service provider. At R4S, we enhance the environment where people live, work, learn and innovate.

R4S achieves the most important results, such as improving HVAC system efficiency, enhancing air quality, humid management, increasing safety, increasing energy efficiency and increasing comfort.

We are dedicated to preserving people’s health and safety while also developing long-term solutions to help us lead the industry.

As a leader in the HVAC servicing industry, R4S understands the unique potential to make a difference in environmental efforts while also teaching the future generation on how to enhance efficiency and make the world a more sustainable place for everyone.

R4S has emerged as Bangladesh’s best HVAC maintenance service company, committed to achieving the highest quality standards in the industry. With a focus on enhancing the environments where people live, work, learn, and innovate, R4S stands out as a leader in the field.

Commitment to Quality

R4S is dedicated to achieving the highest quality standards in HVAC maintenance, ensuring improved building efficiency, enhanced air quality, and increased safety and comfort.

Industry Leadership

R4S is at the forefront of the HVAC industry in Bangladesh, leading the way in environmental efforts and setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability.

Environmental Responsibility

As a leader in the HVAC industry, R4S understands its unique potential to make a difference in environmental efforts. They are dedicated to preserving people’s health and safety while also developing long-term sustainable solutions.

Technological Innovation

R4S utilizes cutting-edge technologies and services to create pleasant, efficient, and sustainable work and living environments. They prioritize supplying high-quality air to employees, residents, and industrial workers, among others.

Why Choose R4S?

Largest HVAC Maintenance Team in The Industry

Our large expert technician team has enabled R4S to reach the peak of the HVAC industry in Bangladesh by engaging primarily in providing HVAC services, sales of spare parts and other air quality management.

Offer Complete HVAC Servicing Support for All Brands

Whether it comes to your residential, commercial or industrial setting, our top-notch full range HVAC servicing support will undoubtedly help you increase the efficiency of the system.

Talented and Dedicated Service Team

Our certified and factory trained professional team who possess extensive experience has achieved various successful HVAC projects. The service members practice professional and helpful communication skills, with advanced technological tools while providing the finest maintenance.

Prompt Customer Services

R4S has put together a team of capable and technologically proficient personnel that can effectively manage client inquiries through a real time online management portal.

Active After-sales Maintenance Team

Customer satisfaction and commitment are greatly influenced by our active after-sales maintenance services. It builds the value of a company's image and nurtures brand loyalty.

Contact the experts at R4S for the best HVAC servicing experience. Our staff members are known for their professional and helpful communication skills, ensuring you can convey your issues without hesitation. Our skilled field personnel are equipped with necessary tools, well-dressed in company attire, and carry identification at all times. Trust R4S to provide essential technologies and services for any HVAC servicing requirements.