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R4S- stands for Request For Service’s currently the largest HVAC maintenance service provider in Bangladesh. R4S has started its journey to achieve the highest standard in providing quality services to your HVAC system.

We’re committed to protecting people’s health & wellbeing while also providing long-term solutions that will help us stay on top of the industry. R4S understands the unique opportunity to make a contribution in environmental measures by bringing instant and innovative solutions to various types of industrial, commercial and residential sites as a pioneer in the HVAC sector.

The prime values of R4S makes us to be the largest HVAC servicing team in Bangladesh at present. This is where R4S comes in, assisting in the achievement of the most important goals. We make your buildings and HVAC system smarter with a wide range of technologies and digital solutions.


VRF AC Maintenance Service

VRF AC Maintenance Service

  • R4S is the Most Experienced VRF AC Maintenance Company in Bangladesh.
  • Get Genuine Parts & Expert Service for Your VRF System.
  • R4S Ensures Peak Performance: The Ultimate VRF/VRV Maintenance Choice.
Chiller Maintenance Service

Chiller Maintenance Service

  • R4S is the No#1 Chiller Maintenance Company in Bangladesh.
  • Trust R4S for Authentic Chiller Parts and Professional Service.
  • R4S: Your Guarantee for Optimal Chiller Performance.
HVAC Spare Parts Supply

VRF and Chiller Spare Parts Supply

  • Get 100% Authentic Spare Parts for Your HVAC System.
  • All Types of Spare Parts for Chillers, VRF, and HVAC are Available at R4S.
  • No Spare Part is Too Rare for R4S; We Source Parts Globally.
Duct Cleaning Sanitization

Duct Cleaning & Sanitization

  • R4S offers duct cleaning and sanitation industrial, and commercial air conditioning systems.
  • Ensure the safety and quality of your air with R4S
  • R4S uses FDA-certified chemicals for effective and safe sanitation of air conditioning systems.
Descaling service

Descaling of Chiller & Boiler

  • Ensure Maximum Efficiency and Extended Equipment Life with Our Descaling Services.
  • R4S is the Leading Service Provider for Descaling and Maintenance in Bangladesh.
  • R4S Use World’s Top Descaling Chemicals for Your HVAC Equipment.
Water Quality Management service

Water Quality Management

  • R4S excels in HVAC Water Quality Management, enhancing system efficiency and longevity.
  • R4S technicians set the standard in HVAC water treatment, offering tailored solutions for longevity and efficiency.

Anti Corrosion Treatment

  • R4S offers expert heat exchanger anti-corrosion treatments for prolonged HVAC equipment life.
  • Our expert team provides a range of solutions for optimal safety and unit dependability.
  • R4S offers various levels of corrosion prevention for your HVAC equipment.
Why choose r4s for hvac electrical works

Installation Works

  • Get Customized HVAC System Installation Services.
  • From Electrical Installation to MS Pipe or Duct Fabrication Works R4S Cover Them All.
  • R4S Offers All Range of Equipment Installation Services.

HVAC Maintenance Contracts

  • R4S offers two types of contracts for commercial customers: Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Case-to-Case services.
  • Enjoy convenient service charges and other benefits with R4S’s registered customer program.

Why You Should Choose R4S As Your HVAC Maintenance Partner?

Quality and expertise are two of the most critical factors whether itis for people or machines. Unsatisfactory goods, services, or machines can cause severe system failure, increasing operational costs and lowering efficiency.

R4S has put together a team of capable and mechanically skilled applicants that can provide top-notch maintenance services. We have demonstrated our worth on a number of large-scale, successful HVAC projects.

Our employees are trained to communicate in a professional and helpful manner, so you may freely discuss your concerns with us.

Our expert field employees are also well-equipped with relevant tools, dressed professionally in corporate clothes, and keep identification with them at all times.

Followings are some fruitful reasons that why should you choose R4S:

Largest HVAC Servicing Team In Bangladesh

R4S has risen to the top of the HVAC market in Bangladesh because to our huge professional technician staff, which specializes in HVAC services, spare parts sales, and other air quality management.

Any Brand VRF & Chiller Service Solution

Our dynamite VRF & Chiller servicing remedy will surely help you boost the performance of your system, whether it's in a domestic, commercial, or industrial context.

Certified & Factory Trained Technical Team

Our licensed and factory-trained professional staff has completed several lucrative HVAC projects and has vast expertise.

Automated Customer Service With Online Portal

R4S has gathered together a workforce of qualified and technically inclined employees that can efficiently coordinate customer enquiries through an online management portal that is maintained in real time.


I just wanted to check up on the HVAC system services with you and couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. Your company provided the most competitive quote and backed it up with superb service. The people that came out and installed spare parts of VRF/VRV air conditioner system were fantastic. They completed the task in a fraction of the time I anticipated and even scheduled a follow-up visit to deliver after sales services. Again, R4S performed up to its reputation from beginning to end, and I will refer you to everyone I know who needs their HVAC maintenance services or spare parts.

The contractor completed two days' load of service in one day, staying late and working hard! They're really decent men. Very well-behaved. Person A gave me advice on how to improve the efficiency of my ducting after their cleaning and sanitation process done. R4S is a great firm with great people.
It was a pleasure to work with R4S. They were really professional, punctual, and well-trained, as well as providing exceptional customer service. My new Chiller spare parts that they have installed and the maintenance services has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!
HVAC maintenance service by r4s
Professional & Fast

HVAC Servicing of Any Brand VRF or Chiller

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R4S BD is a 360’ servicing solutions for VRF Maintenance, Chiller Maintenance, and other HVACs to ensure better and long lasting performance.

We have custom packages for our maintenance services in which pricing varies. The benefits of these tailored packages are they are as per your needs and therefore you only pay for the maintenance services you need.

During our maintenance service if we come across any faulty parts while scanning you HVAC, we have spare parts that we can provide you with. You can directly purchase those spare parts from us.

We provide our HVAC maintenance service in all parts of the country. Whether it’s Dhaka or Chittagong or any other division, we are there for your need.

We have other maintenance services like Duct cleaning & Sanitization, descaling of chiller & boiler, anti-corrosion treatment, cleaning fins & filters and many more.

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