1st Ever Professional Duct Cleaning & Sanitization Services in Bangladesh

About Duct Cleaning & Sanitation

The heating, ventilation, and HVACsystem of a building is an important part of industrial hygiene. The complex of ducts, air handlers, coils, filters, fans, and ventilators serve as a nesting ground as well as a distribution pipeline for airborne pollutants and mold that can cause lung difficulties and transmit sickness.

R4S is a service providing company known for its advanced maintenance services, duct cleaning and sanitation of air conditioners. R4S is a one-stop solution for all of your air conditioner maintenance, duct cleaning, sanitation and replacement parts needs.

R4S provides complete HVAC cleaning and sanitation services for commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal buildings in Bangladesh, both on a precautionary and crisis intervention basis.

Our professionals use cutting-edge technology and tools to conduct thorough HVAC inspections to detect dirt accumulation, blockages, the development of mold or other pollutants, as well as any malfunctioning or broken parts or areas.

Why Should You Do Duct Cleaning & Sanitation?

It is critical to pay close consideration to your air ducts and the cleaning procedures you employ if you want the air in your house to be clear of bacteria and other contaminants that can degrade quality of the air.

Duct Cleaning & Sanitation By R4S

Complicated inner assembly distinguishes air conditioning systems. R4S implies that VRF and VRV system maintenance must be carried out by their professional team who possess extensive experience.

R4S maintenance provides for the avoidance of internal node failure and equipment damage. Throughout the diagnosis, they deliver variety of services in order to determine and eliminate issues as quickly as possible.

During the maintenance services R4S expertly checks the gate valve and regulating components, takes a pressure measurement in the system, clean the unit, replace the oil, eliminate vibration and sound while fan running, control and adjust the internal nodes which are all part of outdoor unit maintenance.

They also provide internal node maintenance that includes checking the status of thermal insulation nodes and freon pipes, cleansing drain systems, diagnosing control devices, and testing systems under various situations.

Why Choose R4S?

R4S has been helping in various projectswithin and also outside the capital of Bangladeshby improving the air quality of their facilities in recent years. Followings are some fruitful reasons that why should you choose R4S for duct cleaning and sanitation:

Our skilled specialists will assess your system and provide recommendations for the best maintenance, which may include cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting if required.

Our process of disinfecting an HVAC system is similar to the sanitizing process, with an environmentally friendly disinfectant sprayed throughout the system.

Using a real-time online management platform, R4S efficiently manage consumer inquiries through our website.

Our compact team of capable and mechanically skilled staffs carry out the entire process by wearing protective gears and not making a mass out of the process.

R4S has provided extensive amount of training in the field of duct cleaning and sanitation as it is the most vital thing to ensure in sectors like pharmaceutical industry, food processing room, laboratory and so on.

Duct cleaning and sanitation has become a very essential concern these days in the modern world. In Bangladesh, various sector is steadfastly carrying out this cleaning process. Hence, to get your finest duct cleaning and sanitation services, feel free to contact at R4S instantly.

We're aiming to provide our clients withthe best service!