Meet Your Water Quality Management Experts for Any Chiller, Boiler & Cooling Tower

About Water Quality Management for Chiller, Boiler & Cooling Tower

R4S is a service-oriented firm that is recognized for its cutting-edge water quality management for chiller, boiler & cooling tower. R4S water quality management addresses harsh water issues such as scale, corrosion, salinity, acidity, pH, and iron in cooling towers, chillers, and boilers to improve water efficiency.

TDS concerns like as calcium, magnesium, lime, iron, and biofilm are no longer a concern with this method. All this is done with chemicals like scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and biocide.

R4S is your one-stop solution for water quality management services for chiller, boiler and cooling tower. R4S is without a doubt the most well-known brand in the technological solutions industry today.

It is impossible to overestimate the water quality management for these systems. We all know that energy efficiency and reliability are important factors to evaluate when it comes to chillers, boiler, cooling tower or other equipment for an HVAC system.

R4S acknowledges the fact that consumers may be able to acquire a comprehensive variety of skilled HVAC services from a single source.

Why Should You Do Water Quality Management for Chiller, Boiler & Cooling Tower?

R4S delivers a highly sophisticated scale and corrosion inhibitor that works in tandem with R4S biocide treatments to give important performance in the management of bacteria that are thought to be a likely source of Legionella species.

Water Quality Management by R4S

R4S is a multi-functional alkaline mix that combines an organic corrosion inhibitor, a threshold deposit controller, and a sludge conditioner to safeguard multi-metal systems without the need for additional corrosion inhibitors.

Our water quality management has been designed to provide safety throughout a wide range of pH, temperature, and raw water hardness, and it contains no contentious ingredients like heavy metals or phosphates, whose usage is becoming progressively limited.

We recommend to check the water hardness regularly in order to balance the pH. If not possible then we also suggest to carry on the water quality management services for chiller, boiler and cooling tower at least once in six months or even a year.

Chemicals (scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and biocide) that are used to manage the water quality can easily be found in our website from where you can easily place your order instantly.

From the date of Substantial Completion, services and chemicals will be given for a year. R4S will deliver system water analysis with HVAC water-treatment suggestions. 

The followings are step-by-step services of HVAC water quality management by R4S

Initial composition and subsequent examination of water quality changes.

Contractor will get startup support to flush the systems, clean them with disinfection chemicals, and fill them with the appropriate chemical treatment prior to operation.

Plant engineers must get at least 4 hours of on-site training on how to utilize HVAC water treatment equipment, as well as how to handle and dispense treatment chemicals.

Field service and advice will also be provided on a weekly basis. Charts and log sheets for customer reports.

Technical analysis in the laboratory.

All chemical products are analyzed and reported on for safety and conformity with regulatory requirements.

Every six months, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation report with graphs.

Why Choose R4S?

Working with a competent water treatment specialist is recommended whether you are just starting to evaluate how the water quality in your business impacts your HVAC system or you want to remedy an existing issue. Would you consider us to be the professional water treatment specialist? R4S will undoubtedly provide answer to this question with their first and foremost services if you are actually willing to keep your unique system in good shape and last longer.

R4S’s specialists are the industry leaders in HVAC water treatment and would be delighted to speak with you to establish a plan that is tailored to your unique system.

R4S is an experienced HVAC watertreatment service provider with certified water technologists, capable of analyzing water qualities, installing water-treatment equipment.

Besides providing services, we also deliver chemicals and service program to maintain water conditions required above to inhibit corrosion, scale formation, and biological growth for chiller, boiler and cooling tower.

It entails guaranteeing that customers are satisfied.

When it comes to offering services, R4S feels that proficiency and qualities are the two most important criteria.

We have presented our proficiency in various fruitful HVAC ventures.

R4S Technical Solutions Ltd is a sister concern of Tritech, and now the top HVAC maintenance service firm. If you want to know more about heat exchanger anti corrosion treatment, feel free to contact R4S right away.

We're aiming to provide our clients withthe best service!